Better Detailing With the Perfect Poker Training Now

An objective must be measurable. Although not all goals are just financial, if you cannot measure them, they are likely to be less motivated. Specific goals are therefore much more effective than overly broad goals. “Playing more” does not mean much in the daily life of the poker player. “Playing at least 10,000 hands online on average per month, then participating in at least five live events respecting my bankroll during the year” is much more accurate, so measurable. With the best poker training sites this is important for you now.Besides these generalities, here are finally some golden rules that would be relevant to add to your poker goals of 2018.


Make a constant effort to play your best poker, no matter the context

Too many players set goals in volume of hands and suddenly, they enter the autopilot, the amount of hands disputed significantly outperforming the quality of their game. Make a real effort of concentration and analysis at any time to the table is one of the most difficult goals to achieve, but also the one that guarantees the fastest progress. Now Tournament Poker Edge comes with the best options for the same.

Look behind to better predict the future

We said that goals must be achievable, but how to really define this line? We played more than 25,000 hands last June, what would prevent me from repeating the feat throughout the year 2014? And yet, if I did not do it last year, it’s certainly that my life context does not allow it. If you have played a total of 100,000 throughout the year, simply playing 10,000 will be a 20% increase. It’s an achievable, measurable goal that will not overwhelm you if life offers you fewer opportunities for play than you would like. Nothing will stop you from shattering this goal if the context allows you. In return,

Never forget to have fun

Poker does not have the same character for each player, but many of them rely on the game to make a monetary profit. As a result, some pressure and obvious expectations are created. The goals we all set are themselves part of this framework. We often forget that it is the love of poker that has led us to devote so many hours, and that if the money is always appreciable, it is above all the pleasure that should be sought and achieved. Even worse, success is almost impossible to taste when the pleasure is no longer at the rendezvous.

Setting goals is healthy and will help you progress as a player. However, do not let them take full control of your motivations for the game, because your passion will then look like a new job too quickly! So be malleable to yourself and find ways to ensure that fun is always there. If it means redefining your goals along the way, then this is the best thing to do!