Changing Face Of Slot Gaming Technology Since Inception Till Present

Slot games are the most popular and widely played games in mobile, online, and land-based gambling platforms. However, while spinning the reel at a favorite slot machine, players lost in the world of extreme fun and enjoyment where they fail to understand the technology behind that gaming experience. Slots have changed a lot since 1891 till present. What we are enjoying today is far away from what was invented over 120 years ago.

Let’s take a look back and understand how slot gaming technology has evolved over the last few decades. 

Flip Card Poker Machine 

Developed in 1891, flip card poker machine with 5 drums was based on poker and has no automatic payouts. In this game, players had to put a nickel, pull the lever and wait for the reels to display a winning poker hand. 

Bally’s Money Honey/One-Armed Bandits

Launched in 1963, Bally’s Money Honey was the first electromechanical slot machines. This machine had an electric hopper to store huge amount of coins. Eventually, players were able to receive larger payouts – an automatic payout up to 500 coins. It was based on electromechanical construction. Today, it is widely recognized as the one-armed bandits. 

Charles Fey, Liberty Bell

Comprising 3 spinning reels, Liberty Bell was developed in 1895. A California inventor launched this slot machine with an automatic payout mechanism and 5-symbol. The reels featured the symbols from horseshoes, playing cards – heart, spade & diamond, and liberty bells. To play this game, a player had to pull the lever on the machine’s side and wait for the results.  

Video Slots

Introduced in the 1970s to be played on 19-inch color screens using purpose-built circuit boards, video slots help leading software developers in understanding the ways electronic systems could be hacked. As a result of which, they had developed virtually cheat-proof games. Fortune Coin Co. created the first video slot machine. 

Modern Video Slots

1970s video slot machines made a high jump and resulted in the development of advanced video slots using digital technology, state-of-the-art graphics, video, and impressive sounds. Today reputable sites such as Merkur Magic are providing the massive selection of these slot machines with several additional features, bonus or side games, and storylines for the unique slot gaming experience.

Mobile Slots

These days, developers are creating slot machines that can be practically played anywhere through mobile versions or mobile apps. Players can spin the reels and gamble at mobile devices with the same quality and awesome features using a compatible mobile device and good speed of internet connection. 

So, you can see that it has been a long journey of slot machines. Today, you can choose to play from different options based on your desires. Even, you can play thematic slots.