What are the Best No Deposit Casino Bonus Offers?

Free money or no deposit bonuses have been highly popular across the world of online casinos. It would be used for attracting new players to casinos with a hope to allure players to deposit money with them. Despite bonuses being new in the arena of Bitcoin gambling, a majority of people have started to view bitcoin casino offering these kinds of services. A majority of deposit bonuses for Bitcoin have been offered on the major Bitcoin forums. It would be pertinent to mention here that these Bitcoin forums would be time bound and for the initial number of people that visit the website after displaying the post. It would be highly different to BTC faucets that offer small amounts of regular coins.

What is the catch in websites offering no deposit bonuses?

There is no drawback to taking no deposit bonuses. As you have not deposited or risked anything, you would not be tied in to the casino. However, these amounts have usually been small and would not get you more than a few bets in any Bitcoin Games. You would also come across several kinds of restrictions built into the bonuses pertaining to withdrawals. It would be inclusive of minimum wagering needs, but should also be inclusive of aspects such as:

  • deposit requisite for withdrawal
  • maximum cash in amount
  • no withdrawals

Are there any wagering requisites?

All bonuses in the world of online casinos have wagering requisites and Bitcoin bonuses have been no different. In simple terms, wagering requisites would imply that you have to bet the bonus money specific number of times prior to you being enabled to withdraw it.

It would be requisite for protecting the casino from people simply taking the bonus and cashing it without even playing a single game. Minimum wagering for most no deposit bonus money would be nearly 20 times.