What Are The Different Types Of Dart Betting

An ongoing game of darts gives rise to various opportunities for placing bets. In fact there are many different betting options which are available in a game of darts. These betting options ensure that the game always remains lively and the punter remains motivated. Thus online betting websites like the https://uk.mansionbet.com/sports/darts/ keep changing the odds based on the progress of the game.

Some of the different types of bets which can be placed are:

  • Most 180s: In this betting market, the big hitter opponents are heavily over-priced and hence the punter needs to have a thorough knowledge of the scoring habits of both the players before venturing into this betting market.
  • Handicap betting: This is a very popular form of betting offered by all major online sports betting websites. But this type of betting is also for the shrewd punter since it involves certain risky strategies which need practice and intelligence. Simply speaking this type of betting involves offering a price to punters so that they can back the outsiders and give them a head start.
  • Tournament winner: As the name suggests, this bet is about picking up the right winner from the ones participating in the tournament. Thus punters need to know the players statistics, their recent game plays and successes, their forms etc., before they can choose one to place their bets on to become the winner of the tournament.
  • Nine darter: This is a bet that needs to be made of professionals since gobbling up 501 and that too using just 9 throws, is way beyond the capabilities of the average player. But in championships which draw the big names of this game, betting on the nine darter market can real very high returns since it commands extremely high prices in these events.

From a punters point of view, it always helps to check the format of the matches before placing bets since it is only of the betting market is conducive to a type of betting that the punter will be able to reap its rewards.